2019 Birmingham Open

Alabama State Championship 


When: April 6th, 2019 @ 10:00 am

Where: Spain Park High School
4700 Jaguar Dr
Birmingham, AL 35242

*Doors will be open at 10:00.

*Rules meeting at 10:30.

*Kids and youths GI will start at 11:00.

*Adults, masters and executives white belts will start at 11:00.

*Kids and youths NO-GI will start at 12:00.

*SUPER ABSOLUTE YOUTH (14-17) registration closes at 1:00PM.

*All blue belts Gi starts at 1:00pm.


*All purple, brown and black Gi starts at 2:00.

*Male Adults, masters and executives NO-GI starts at 2:00

*Female Adults, Master and Executives NO-GI starts at 3:00


*SUPER ABSOLUTE Male at 3:30

*SUPER ABSOLUTE Female at 4:00

*Judo will be at 2:30(all ages).

All weight ins will be 10 minutes before your first match. We recommend arriving 90 minutes before your division starts. Every tournament we have been ahead of schedule, please make sure you are there early.

Early bird registration until March 10th, 2019 - $60 for both Gi and No Gi divisions. Discount applied at checkout.

From March 11th, 2019 to March 30th, 2019 - $60 for one division or $85 for both divisions. Discount applied at checkout.

From March 31st, 2019 to April 3rd, 2019 - $85 for one division or $100 for both divisions. Discount applied at checkout.

Registration and registration modifications will not be allowed after April 3rd, 2019. If we reach full capacity we will close registration before April 3rd, 2019.

$5 entry fee for spectators. Kids can enter for free.

Weight classes will be strictly enforced for all ages. Weight class changes can be made until April 3rd by modifying your Smoothcomp registration.  Anyone over the weight limit will be disqualified.  Weight for gi divisions is in the gi and for no gi division in the appropriate no gi attire.  For a complete set of rules please visit www.bamagrappling.com

Cancellations will be issued a Bama Grappling event coupon until April 3rd, 2019. The credit coupon code will be added to your Smoothcomp account.


Past Events

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Who will be Super Campeão Absoluto or Super Campeã Absoluto of Alabama?

The Super Absolute Division is a new division that was introduced at the Fall Birmingham Open 2016. The winner gets a custom trophy and the title of Super Campeão Absoluto or Super Campeã Absoluto.

The Super Absolute Division is available through online registration. It will cost $20 to compete. You have to compete in at least one division in order to signup for the Super Absolute Division.

  • Any belt
  • Adult - 18 years and up; Youth 14-17 years
  • Match length: 6 minutes
  • Expert rules for Adults; Blue Belt rules for Youth
  • Submission only - If there is not a winner after six (6) minutes there will be a one (1) minute match. The first competitor to score during the one (1) minute will be the winner. If there is still no winner after the one (1) minute match the referee will make a decision based on the one (1) minute match.
  • One winner for Gi - Women
  • One winner for Gi - Men
  • One winner for Gi - Boys
  • One winner for Gi - Girls